Laser Cutting Fabric
Experts in textile laser cutting




 1. What materials do you laser cut?

We laser cut different types of textiles: polyester, nylon, vinyl, silk, cotton, etc.   Before you make your choice of textile, you can always contact us and find out if this particular material is suitable for laser cutting.

      2.  What is the maximum size you can laser cut?

We can process panels or rolls of textiles up to 53 in feet. Although, sometimes it is better to split up the original design and cut it separately. The length is not limited.

      3. What is a vector file?

Lasers mostly can work with vector files (ai, eps, dxf, svg, etc.). We can use bitmap files for laser engraving and marking textiles. In this case they have to be files with high quality. When it comes to the actual process of lasers cutting of different shapes we require vector files. One of the ways to recognize a bitmap from a vector file is to zoom on it.  If you see pixels after you have done it - you need a vector file.

   4. What does it cost?

  Our minimum order is 150$. The price will depend on the time we spend laser cutting and processing your project. We also provide design services (60$/hour). Our design team is one of the best in this field and if you do not have an artwork we will be happy to create it for you, using your references and notes. 

We accept all major credit cards and other common ways of payments. You can write a check or stop by at our office and pay with cash. Or if you have a PayPal account you can transfer your payment to our PayPal business account.

For more information about LASER CUTTING FABRIC and laser cutting please contact us.